About Our Plugs

Our products are especially designed for use in sustainable aquaculture operations.

We use Certified Non-Toxic Ceramics (ASTM D-4236), fired to 2000 degrees.

Using our system, coral farmers will be able to utilize time and space more efficiently, while minimizing damage to coral when cutting frags for transplant.

We have tutorials that will continue to be posted to help our customers get the most use from these plugs. They will make you rethink your fragging and propagation techniques. We built these because we were not happy with the limitations of other plugs on the market. Our original intention was to manufacture these plugs to make our coral farm better. They have become so popular with our customers, we moved away from retail coral sales and we keep our coral farm around to make the plugs better.

Its All About Our Customers

I know that sooner or later you will have a new idea or get frustrated with the limitations of our products. Since we make our moulds in house we can change on the fly and be manufacturing new products in a matter of days. So, if you need custom plugs or have a suggestion to make our products better we want to know. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thanks for visiting.

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