Coral Propagation Tutorial

Our products are specially designed for use in sustainable aquaculture operations.

           Using our system, coral farmers will be able to utilize time and space more efficiently, while minimizing damage to coral when cutting frags for transplant.

We use Certified Non-Toxic Ceramics (ASTM D-4236), fired to 2000 degrees.

Below are some advantages of using the ModReef system.


  • Our plugs drop into eggcrate and stand by themselves. We provide three sizes to suit your needs, along with three sizes of rock plugs, and two sizes of tiles.

  • Our plugs are hollow and can be fastened down to anything by running a zip tie through the legs.

  • Since our plugs and tiles are strong they can be thin. This allows them to be easily scored or cut with a dremel tool for transplanting frags. I will demonstrate below.

  • Double your investment with our Large and X-Large Plugs. Once the plug is covered with coral we cut off the top in order to score it from underneath. The bottom of the plug is left to use over again. Its a win win.

  • Here is how we frag coral. I suggest that you use the appropriate personal protection equipment for the item you are working with.

    We start by finding a subject. I intend to transplant the front two polyps on this palythoa.

  • Next I mark the cut I will make.

  • Time to  fire up the dremel tool and score a line from mark to mark. Try not to cut all the way through so you don't damage the coral with the dremel.

  • Once it is scored, gently snap the tile at the score line and cut from underneath or on top, which ever works the best at the time.

  • Now you can take your frag and glue it down to a new plug. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.